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This video is a special, informative look at what school is like in Guatemala. We bring you awareness on this urgent situation, as well as on general village life in Guatemala, and we also share with you opportunities to help out. 💞

Donation Of Books

We recently met an organization “Book For Development” that helps society by donating books to underdeveloped & developing countries. You can even donate a book or help them build a library. This is really a great project and we really appreciate their spirit to promote literacy.

About “Book For Development”

Books for Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that addresses the book famine that exists in many underdeveloped countries. Our Volunteers gather donated books, sort for quality and box for transport. These recycled books are distributed around the world. The organization strives to do the most good per contribution to embody the principles of a Good Steward.

Message From “Book For Development”

With only a few hours of work and at little expense, your group can make an enormous difference in the lives of hundreds of young children who need books to learn to read. This gives you a chance not only to get rid of a bunch of books and free up space, but also to have the satisfaction that all your old books will be getting a great new home where they will be treasured.You and your group will have great fun!

Let's Arrange Them Some Books

Join us for a couple of hours to build a library or two. You can join our group & help children by donating or arranging used or unused books. Just enter your email to help us arrange books for them.


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