Big Sur, Pacific Coast Highway California USA

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. Today, we are driving the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in California, as well as exploring some of Big Sur. One of our first stops along the drive had us looking for a whale out in the Pacific Ocean–April thought she saw one–but alas, it was only a huge rock! The view was beautiful though. We also made a stop at the San Simeon Elephant Seal Rookery. It was fun to watch these giant mammals. Another stop, with a short hike with some pretty wildflowers, brought us down on the beach. We saw surfers braving the chilly water. At Big Creek Bridge, I shared my idea to challenge y’all to plan an adventure close to your house that you can do for little money over the weekend…and then share some video clips/photographs from it and tell me some about it in the comments below. We made it to the famous Bixby Bridge, and to move a ways from the crowds of people, we hiked a little ways down to the edge of the cliff. (Kind of nerve-wracking for April…) What an amazing view! Later, we found ourselves pulling over because I spotted sea lions–well, turned out they were sea cabbage, not sea lion heads, bobbing in the ocean. April was quite satisfied because that evened up the score as far as mistaking inanimate objects in the water for animals, haha! We ate a late lunch in Carmel at Billy Quon’s Sur Restaurant. The seafood dishes we had were fabulous. It was lovely ambiance as well. We then went to Old Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterey Bay. We ran into a few friends where the gals were about to take each other on in a chocolate covered jalapeno eating contest. They were drunk, haha. 😉 (They’d also bought mermaid & unicorn poop to partake of later.) So I had to film that. We weren’t sure if there were seeds in them or not, but sure enough, there were–they were kind of choking on them as they took more bites…it was super spicy! The one gal even quoted Wiggum, “I taste burning!” I asked them where their milk or ice cream was, ha. The one gal tapped out on an account of having colitis. We ended up at Davenport Bluffs in Davenport, California around sunset, but the fog was crawling in rather thick (like fingers reaching in, as April said), so we realized we weren’t going to have a true sunset. The fog gave the scenery a mystical feeling though. I had to film April braving the very edge of the cliff because she looked so funny–haha! I know she has vertigo so I give her props for following me to the edge. It was worth it; so beautiful! We stayed at a charming Airbnb… Bill & JJ’s Union Road Guest House was only about $85 (or so) a night, which was much cheaper than the motels & hotels in the area–even a Motel 6, which was like $190. They even made us breakfast in the morning, and it was really tasty. We had an absolutely amazing time!


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