South Dakota’s Crazy Horse Memorial! …Is It One Of The Best Places To Visit??

Are you wondering what one of the best places to visit in South Dakota is? Are you curious about what to do in the Black Hills? Are you interested in what to include on your South Dakota road trip? Make sure to watch this, one of our South Dakota travel vlogs, for a teaser-taste of Crazy Horse Monument! This Indian museum of North America is now one of our favorite places to visit in South Dakota! We offer a glimpse at how to see Crazy Horse, which includes a Native American flute live performance! And you don’t want to miss a Crazy Horse bus tour! It is quite fascinating to learn the story of Chief Crazy Horse and you’ll gain an appreciation for Korczak Ziolkowski’s passion project! We know you will enjoy this Memorial and you’ll agree with us that it is one of the top 10 places to visit in South Dakota!

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