Is Crater Lake one of The Must-See National Parks? | Know Before You Go | National Park Travel Show

Watch 👀 our national park travel show to see if Crater Lake National Park is one of the USA’s must-see national parks! We offer a brief, yet super scenic look at the Annie Creek Trail 🥾 at Crater Lake. We even share with you why picnicking is the best choice for your meals! And we give a few helpful tips to know before you go to Crater Lake, in addition to the other Crater Lake travel tips we gave in our first Crater Lake video (two weeks ago)! Whether you only have one day at Crater Lake or if you have a week’s visit scheduled, our Crater Lake travel guide is sure to assist your planning! Even if you are not going to this park, one of the top places to visit in Oregon, we hope you will join us for our fun at Crater Lake!


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